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Estasi provides San Diego massage threapy services. Kelly Buffo, a licensed massage therapist has been providing San Diego massage therapy for over five years. When looking for a massage therapist, consider the following to help your search so your experience can be both relaxing and enjoying!

1. Is the massage therapist licensed to practice in San Diego, CA?
This may seem to be a straight forward questoin, but not all massage therapist in San Diego County are licensed to practice in San Diego. Make sure the massage therapist is licensed and certified by the state of California for peace of mind and the knowledge that he or she has met all state requirements to practice massage therapy in San Diego, CA. Kelly is licensed by the state to practice in San Diego and the rest of California.

2. How many years of experience does the massage therapist have?
In many ways, a body is like a car, things break down with time and the daily wear. However, unlike a car, body parts are not so easily replaced, they must be maintained to work well for the duration - no upgrade allowed! A massage therapist who has years of experience knows exactly where to go when you present your aching body and more importantly, knows the technique to fix your ailment. Novice massage therapist are clearly at a disadvantage due to lack of experience. Kelly has over 5 years of experience and has worked on over 400 patients of all age, size, and ailments - she will make your body feel better as well as operate better. Massage therapy is so beneficail for the body, hospitals are offering this thier many patients:

"Recently, Health Forum released their annual survey, conducted on behalf of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). The new national survey polled hospitals and clinics across the nation on their use of massage therapy. The survey revealed that the number of hospitals that now offer massage therapy as a patient service has increased by more than one third over the past two years. This means that American hospitals have recognized the benefits that massage affords patients, and as a result 71 percent are now offering massage therapy for stress management, patient comfort, improved joint and muscle mobility, pregnancy, physical therapy, infant care, as part of their post- and per-operative regimes and to comfort those in hospice facilities." - Massage Therpay 101

3. Does the massage therapist take insurance?
Estasi takes many medical insurance , please call 619-249-2541 for details.

4. Are there references or testimonials of current and past massage therapy clients?
Estasi's clients are happy and satisifed with the massage therapy services they have received. Look in the Testimonial Page for details and comments.

5. What types of massage therapy are performed?
San Diego Therapeutic Massage -
All of use need therapeutic massage. All the muscles that make movement possible require regular massage. Massaging has many therapeutic benefits, like increasing circulation which helps the body remove waste and bring nutrients to the muscle and other cells.

Back Massage - There are different types massage and their various techniques to doing a back massage. We will pinpoint the spot that causes pain and related parts of the back that may be causing this. The back massage involves relaxing muscles around the spinal column, and all the shoulder and back muslces.

Head and Neck Massage - If you experience headaches, neck tightness and stiffness, a head and neck massage is on order. With simple and easy kneading, you'll leave feeling like a new person!

Arm Massage - In this day and age, it's necessary to massage the arms, especially for people who keep them extended working at computers. Many patients are unaware that their computer desk is one of the most prevalent cause of back, shoulder, and arm pain.

Leg Massage - Many people need a leg massage, though most ignore the signals. Anyone who spend time a lot standing each day or walks for work is a candidate for a leg massage. Also, amateur athletes who do alot of running, biking, or hiking can use a regular leg message. One important fact most people don't know is that if the hamstring is tight, it will pull on the back and adjacent muscles, and htis can cause all kind of havoc on the body's ability ot move properly.

Foot Massage - Not too far down from the leg is the foot. Like the leg massage above, people who are in the same profession or do the same activity will need a good foot massage as well. A foot massage that includes ankle rotations and masage of the sole will help relax the lower leg.

San Diego Sports massage - All professional like the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres and many amateur sports organizantions have massage therapists on staff if they can afford it. The benefits of sports massage therapy is well know and documented. Athletes recover and perform better after receiving massages. The body performs better if the muscles and joints are well taken care of.

San Diego Auto accident massage -
Auto accidents, like tax are an inevitibility of life. When you have been involved in an auto accident, your insurance company will pay for a set number of massages, free of charge. Most people involved in accidents have muscle ache and tenderness from the impact and whiplash experienced during an accident. Estasi will work with your insurance company to help you recover faster and reduce the pain associated with auto accidents. Call us at 619-249-2541 for more details on how we can help you after your auto accident. Time is of the essence, get the information you need before you have an auto accident, not after when you're in pain.

San Diego Chair Massage -
Some people prefer to receive their massage on a chair, while others prefer a massage bed. We can accomadate both chair massage and bed massage. However, foa complete body massage, a bed will work better as it will allow for easy access to all hte muscles on teh lower body.

6. What is required to make a massage theryapy appointment - Very simple; decide when you have an hour availabe (date and time) call Kelly at 619-249-2541 and schedule the appointment. Get directions to the office located on 8790 Cuyamaca Steet, Suite H, Santee, CA 92071

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