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San Diego Massage Therapy Tips

Estasi provides San Diego massage threapy services. Kelly Buffo, a licensed massage therapist has been providing San Diego massage therapy for over five years. When looking for a massage therapist, consider the following to help your search so your experience can be both relaxing and enjoying!

Relaxing Massage Techniques
About Sleep Disorders Guide, Florence Cardinals, tells of the origins of massage therapy.
Chest Massage for Women
Simple steps for massaging your breasts. You need it for a healthy body and firm breasts.
The Backrubs FAQ
Disciplines of different types massage and their various techniques are explained. Basic information for the novice as well as a general resource for massage therapists
About Starting Out
Where do you start a massage? According to this resource there are two different, but good equally good ways to proceed.
Arm Massage
It very comforting to massage the arms, especially for people who keep them extended working at computers
Back Of Leg Massage
Lots of people you know would appreciate a leg massage, actually anyone who spend time standing each day.
Back Rub Techniques
The back involves the spinal column, so it's best to pay attention to these clear sets of instructions.
Buttocks Massage
This buttock massage included the lower legs as well. The recipient will surely find it very relaxating.
Upper Chest Massage
Massaging the chest is not a problem for male clients but for women deep chest massage is somewhat off-limits in a professional environment.
Face Massage
The Holistic Online website offers these simple directions for a relaxing, refreshing face massage.
Foot Massage
Actually it's a foot massage that includes ankle rotations and helpful work on the lower leg too.
Head and Neck Massage
This thorough massage includes massage moves for the face, temples, forehead, and yes, even the eyes.
Massage Heaven
I thought I was seeing double when I first saw the image at this web site . But - no, it's just an eye-opener to massage, reiki, and stress relief.

Estasi - San Diego Massage Therapy Specialists
Estasi offers holistic San Diego massage therapy.
Serving San Diego, El Cajon, La Mesa, and Santee.

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